Steve 1
Steve, aka. "The Only Oompa Loompa Who Will Not Work for Wonka"
is a Late Night with Conan O'Brien character who debuted on September 25th, 2001 in the sketch New Fall Characters.


Steve: How ya doin', Conan?

Conan: Uh, fine. Thanks, Oompa Loompa.

Steve: Please, call me Steve.

Conan: Ok, Steve. Uh, tell me, why won't you work for Willy Wonka?

Steve: Are you kidding? Singing those stupid songs all day? It's beneath me, it's degrading. 

Conan: Ok, alright, that's fair. Well, what do you do?

Steve: I sell suits at the "Men's Warehouse". I have my dignity.

Steve 2

Steve sings his customer-assistance song.

Customer: Excuse me. Can you help me? [music plays]

Steve: [sings] Oompa Loompa goopa-dee-doo, I've got a nice new suit here for you. Oompa Loompa deekity-dee, I'll even throw in some sweaters for free.