NCAA Football Mascots
NCAA Football Mascots
 was a recurring sketch on Late Night with Conan O'Brien where Conan, as a public service, would give viewers a sneak peek at some "lesser known" college football mascots.


March 14, 1996

  • "Spinning Mayor McCheese"
  • "Seinfeld lookalikes"
  • Drexel University "Catty ants"
  • Mississippi Valley State "Gaseous wieners"
  • Eastern Michigan University "Decapitated Conans"
  • "Fake horses riding real horses"

January 2, 2003

  • University of Wisconsin "Black Vikings"
  • University of Toledo "Andrew Ridgeleys"
  • Kansas State "Humping Puppets"
  • University of Iowa "Corn Cob With Cornrows"
  • Maryland State "Copy of Hope Floats That No One Has Ever Rented"
  • University of Florida "Old Lady With Her Hand Stuck In A Filing Cabinet"
  • Virginia Tech "Sodium Atoms"
  • Southern Miss "Regular Sized David and Little Goliath"
  • Boston College "Upside-Down Scotsman"
  • Yale "Coked Up Werewolf"

March 27, 2003

  • Austin Peay "Moron Attempting To Stop A Fan With His Tongue"
  • Oklahoma State "Technical Academy Awards Speech"
  • Weber State "Old Man Trying To Start A Lawn Mower"
  • Butler University "Fighting Urine Sample"
  • Chico State "Secretly Gay Announcer"
  • Creighton University "Dueling Steve Van Zandt"
  • Yale University "Coked Up Werewolf"
  • Seton Hall "Vomiting Kermit"

September 23, 2003

  • University of Idaho "Birthing Potato"
  • Florida State "Afro Helmets"
  • Boston University "Gay Frankenstein"
  • University of Terra Haute "Straight Richard Simmons"
  • Temple University "Chinese Fabio"
  • SUNY Buffalo "Guy With An Actual Handlebar Mustache Riding A Bike With Mustache Handlebars"
  • Colorado State "Gay Frankenstein Going Out With Chinese Fabio"
  • Clemson University "Fake Cow With Disco Ball Udders"

March 18, 2004

  • St' Joseph's "Roller Disco Earth"
  • Manhattan College "Yard Time Martha"
  • Oklahoma State "Celebrity Pig"
  • University Of North Carolina "Reasons the Weinsteins Never Go Out Anymore"
  • Princeton University "Friar Trying To Untangle Extension Cords"
  • Gonzaga University "Unlikely Gay Marriage Proposal"
  • Liberty University "Spinning Mrs. Spock"
  • Georgetown University "Constipated Washington Monument"
  • Texas Tech "Caveman on a Stripper Pole"

November 23, 2004

  • Florida State "Manatee Gone Wild"
  • Akron University "Ackeroids"
  • University of New Hampshire "Closest Thing To A Black Guy In New Hampshire"
  • Oral Roberts University "Hungover God"
  • Fresno State "John Tesh Rolled Up In A Carpet"
  • St. John's University "Ron Artest on Prozac"

March 24, 2005

  • Louisiana State University "Bubble Wrap Napoleon"
  • Texas Tech "Binge-Drinking Cobra"
  • University of Chattanooga "Bearded Lady Who Wants A Baby"
  • Wake Forest "Squirting Baby Fountain"
  • Utah State University "Super Cool Sexy Guy Winking"
  • University of West Virginia "Crystal Meth Lab Accident"
  • University of Niagara "Disappointing Lover With Rancid Halitosis"
  • University of Pittsburgh "Tandem Prostate Exam"

November 16, 2005

  • Fresno State University "Fighting Federlines"
  • MIT "Generating Function For The Oiler Polynomials"
  • University of Notre Dame "McHammer"
  • UCLA "Unsold Tickets To Ben Affleck Movies"
  • Juliard "Male Ballet Dancer Whose Bulge Looks Vaguely Like Don Zimmer"
  • University of Alabama "Psychic Rabbit"
  • University of Iowa "Jug Band Hitlers"
  • SUNY Binghamton "Elton John Mr. Met"

March 15, 2006

  • University of Illinois "Racecar Bed Virgin"
  • Florida A&M "Revolving Fat Joke"
  • Syracuse University "Starting Lineup Of The New York Knicks"
  • University of Wisconsin "Secret Service Agent Protected by Presidents"
  • Kent State "Steel Crotch Stevens"
  • SUNY Binghamton "Hemophiliac Kool-Aid Man"
  • Bob Jones University "Pimped Out Jesus"
  • University of Georgia "Cow With Mad Cow Disease Having Sex With A Bird With Bird Flu"

March 15, 2007

  • University of Illinois "S&M Lincoln"
  • Boston College "Ted Kennedy Passed Out On A Beanbag"
  • Albany "Dunkin' Munchkin Covered With Dunkin' Munchkins"
  • MIT "Guy Who's Proud MIT Doesn't Have A Basketball Team"
  • University of Georgia "Mr. Peanut With An Inner Ear Disorder"
  • Yeshiva University "Reverse Briss"
  • Ithica College "Vigriffin"
  • Cornell "Griffgoda"

October 10, 2007

March 21, 2008

  • Drake "Blue Denim Devil In Daisy Dukes"
  • Kansas State "Tandem Combovers"
  • St. Mary's "Beer Pong Nun"
  • Indiana University "Kama Sutra Skeletons"
  • University of Illinois "Bigmouth Billy Bass Who Shares Barrack Obama's Views On The World"
  • University of Minnesota "Mini Minnie Driver Driving A Mini Cooper Mini"
  • New York University "Governor Martin Van Buren Getting A Lap Dance From Governor Thomas Dewey"
  • Washington State "Hotdogging Hot Dog"

September 11, 2008

January 8, 2009

  • Wake Forest "Old Man In A Basket Of Yarn"
  • University of Iowa "Krunkhead Rocking Out Way Too Hard To Elevator Music"
  • University of Florida "Gator With Gaydar"
  • Florida A&M "Old Lady On Speed"
  • University of Ohio "Bobcats Attacking A Guy Named Bob Katz"
  • Duke "Blue Man Groupie"
  • Boston College "Cat That's Too Big For The Maze It's In
  • New York University "Only Hooker You Can Afford In This Economy"
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